Monday, May 4, 2015

HP Printer Error 10.92.00 Cartriges Not Engage- Color Laserjet 3600

HP Printer Error 10.92.00 Cartridges Not Engaged - Color LaserJet 3600. HP Printer Repair in md, dc and va.
Try This - There are 4 locks.  1 for each color.  Make sure all 4 locks look ok per the picture.  Also this indicates the black lock located at the top.  This is on the right side, but there is also a white plastic lock piece on the left side which should be barely visible.  If hanging down then the left side lock is broken.
Issue Description:
Printer control panel displays a 10.92.YY error on power up. This error refers to the cartridge not engaging correctly. The error may include any of the following:
10.92.00 (Black)
10.92.01 (Cyan)
10.92.02 (Magenta)
10.92.03 (Yellow).
Solution or Workaround:
Open and close the front door,
Re-seat all the cartridges,
Power cycle the printer.
Look to see if the cartridge locking part is broken or in place. If broken, you can now repair this part. There is a service note out on the topic, with instructions and the part number for repairing it. (Q5982-67921).
Also, Check for a broken part that controls the movement of the cartridge engagement arm, the cartridge shutters, and the OPC drive.  You can easily check this without taking off the covers by reaching over to the white rod arm on the right hand side of the ETB, and “wiggle” it. If it moves easily, then this part is broken. Replace this part if broken (RC1-6645-000CN).
You can always request Service or drop the unit off at our location in Silver Spring.